Volunteer Program Info

LetsatIMG_1559si La Africa ( Sunrise over Africa) Wild Animal & Predator Park is a close corporation and owned by Kobus VD Westhuizen. Please note that Letsatsi La Africa Wild Animal & Predator Park is neither a rehab center nor a sanctuary but is run as a business meaning that we do not get sponsored and we do not give public the opportunity to adopt our animals. We our self’s have to provide land, shelter, food, medical attention and support to all our animals in the Park.

We have various breeding programs and do international in- and export of live animals, buy and sell live animals locally and are in the tourism industry by providing guided game tours for day visitors and accommodation. We also accommodate pre-schools and schools for day visits and educational tours.

All our animals are captive bred, on permit and are kept in fenced camps accordingly to the specs of Free State Nature Conservation. We do not allow the public to interact with our animals as it enlarges the risk of spreading diseases and viruses to our animals. No hunting of our animals takes place at our Park.

We do not rely on volunteers to keep our doors open but will gratefully give them an opportunity to have hands on experience of how our daily tasks are done to keep such a business up and running . It takes a special and dedicated volunteer whom understand the special needs of animals and what it takes to provide to their needs on a daily basis. Therefore it is not all fun and games and some tasks may be less enjoyable than others.10409370_499906206808864_7103852568858112074_n

We do not put captive bred wild animals back into the wild as it is prohibited by Nature Conservation.

Some of the species here at the Park are: cheetahs, leopards, spotted hyenas, brown hyenas, Bengal Siberian Tigers, lions, caracals, servals, foxes, wolfs, jaguars, pumas, civets, suricates, marmoset monkeys, baboon, wild dogs, various big and small birds, buffalo, various antelope, zebra, giraffe, warthog, rabbits and many more. We have indigenous and exotic animals at our Park.