Apply for Volunteer Program

The following are some of the basic activities and tasks and are part of the daily running and functioning of Letsatsi La Africa Wild Animal & Predator Park’s programme and all volunteers will participate and assist with these tasks at the project.


The tasks may vary from time to time and new tasks may be added

Cubs: ( if any at the time)  IMG-20150413-WA004

  • Preparing, feeding and watering of all species cubs and small animals and cleaning of the baby room, enclosures and cages of suricates (meercats), marmoset monkeys, racoon, coati’s, small cubs if any, goats, sheep, small antelope, birds and tortoises.
  • Stimulation, enrichment and playing with animals after they have been fed and enclosures are cleaned properly (always in the presence and guidance of your project supervisor).
  • Maintenance of camps where needed and upgrading and enhancements of enclosures.
  • Cleaning and washing up of dishes of animals, feeding and watering bowls and milk bottles used for all animals as well as bedding where necessary on the present day.

Big predators:IMG_1802

  • Cleaning of enclosures (picking up of old bones and meat also dung of animals).
  • Cleaning of water troughs and dams (scrub and wash).
  • Routine checks at 7h00 in mornings on animal’s health and electricity on fences.
  • Park and farm maintenance where and when necessary and all repairs related to the park. Can be digging holes for fencing, painting, bagging of Lucerne/maize to feed animals in game camps by riverside
  • Cutting of Lucerne on the fields for the animals and feeding of bird enclosure twice daily (food, water and general clean-up of any old dung and food).
  • Washing up and packing away of all tools and equipment used for feeding, cleaning and maintenance.
  • Preparing and feeding of raw meat to animals in park.
  • Learning basic info of all species present and assisting guides with the guided tours of guests visiting the Park
  • If there are any form of Bio control in place at the time or sick animals present in the park there will be some basic rules in place to prevent spreading of disease and all volunteers must comply with these rules.

Dress code for working hours Letsatsi La Africa

  • Bring along accordingly to season
  • Winter time from May to September temp up to -7 degrees
  • Warm Long sleeve shirts, Beanie & Scarf, wool gloves
  • Summer time from October to April up to 38 degrees
  • 4 Long pants (Jeans)
  • Closed shoes like tekkies or boots for protection of your feet
  • sandals for after working hours
  • Tracksuits
  • Warm jacket
  • Sweaters
  • short sleeve shirts & T Shirts
  • Raincoat
  • Pair of gloves
  • No crop tops when working
  • Shorts….please not shorter than 8 fingers above the knee
  • Please wear underwear at all times
  • Swimwear…. not while working please
  • Bath towel and swim towel
  • Toiletries

    Arrivals / Departures
    Volunteers must be a minimum age of 18 years
    Excellent physical and mental health
    We pick up and drop off volunteers at 12:00pm on Tuesdays from O.R Tambo International Airport (Johannesburg), volunteers must please arrange their flights to fit in with this time.
    Volunteers must also arrange with management should they only be able to arrive or depart before 12:00pm on a Tuesday or if they will only arrive/depart the following day.
    The programs must be minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 8 weeks.
    Tourist visas can be obtained at the airport and does not need to be applied for in advance.
    You will be responsible for your own medical insurance for the duration of your program.
    You are also responsible for the bookings and payment of flight tickets.
    Make sure you have enough spending money for the duration of the program.

    Our fees are R4000 per volunteer per week that you stay.
    25% Admin fee which is non-refundable. Only exceptions for refunds is Serious illness or Death (Death Certificate will be required for proof) minus the 25% admin fees.

    Volunteers who require a special diet, eg. Vegetarians, Lactose intolerant, Gluten free diet, will be charged an extra R500 per week.

    Volunteers will receive 3 meals a day, as well as comfortable accommodation in chalets which they will share with another volunteer.

    Day Program

    Starts 07:00am
    Teatime 09:00am till 09:30am
    Lunch 13:00pm till 14:00pm
    Ends 17:00pm
    Dinner 18:00

    Volunteers will work 6 days and have one day off which is their own free time.

    DSTV is available in Entertainment Area.

    Currently no wifi facilities available.

    Volunteers will be transported twice a week after 17:00 for groceries etc.

    By downloading this application form, you as a volunteer confirm that you have an idea of what will be expected from you and accept the responsibilities that will be given to you once you arrive at Letsatsi La Africa as well as what to expect at the project.

    Download Application Form (PDF Format)